Hello, my name is Jan Skóra and I write about stuff.

You can reach me here: jan@hypecat.com

What is Hypecat?

The world is a place full of ideas, some great, some not so, but still the human endeavor to create and ideate – inspired me and kept me going for as long as I can remember. As a result of this particular view of the world – I get easily hyped about stuff. The moment something catches my attention, I immediately want to know as much as there is about the subject. I envelop myself in the intricacies of the subject, do a research and in the process – discover a lot of more new interesting things. It’s like a never ending ride into the unknown. Hypecat is about exploring ideas and looking where these ideas can take human beings.

I feel Hypecat is a tube, a vehicle, a conveyance that will help to channel this inner strive for discovering new things around me. I’d love to share my findings with whoever wants to join on this journey into the natural curiosity of a human mind. And in the process, maybe learn a thing or two 🙂

Keep hypin’,